What We Do



Architectural surveys for building work and legal divisions for existing structures (e.g. a built-up building complex) using innovative technologies such as 3D laser scanners.

  • Interior plans
  • Elevation plans
  • Roof plans
  • Sectional plans (with or without background projections)
  • Digital 3D models (Building Information Modelling – B.I.M.)


This aspect of our work is used to reveal terrain features required for the various technical calibrations carried out in the field.

  • Site layout plan
  • Boundary plan
  • Altimetric situation plan


Surveys of streets or land enhanced with topographic data, alignments, and administrative and property boundaries. The coordinate system is chosen in relation to the nature of the planimetry mission (RGF 93, Lambert, etc.) and altimetry mission (NGF IGN 69 or Lallemand).

  • Plan of built or non-built masses (with/without levelling of terrain features)
  • Perimeter plan (with/without street details)
  • Topographic plan (with/without topographic details)
  • Levelling plan
  • Network plan
  • Profile plan (lengths and cross-sections)
  • Perspectives plan
  • Volume calculations


Divisions of constructed (or not) property concerning rights of ownership or enjoyment.

  • Division plans and sales plans
  • Preliminary division notifications
  • Development permits
  • Descriptions of divisions (i.e. into co-ownership units) and volumes as well as any modifications
  • Co-ownership separation proceedings
  • Statutes and calculations of allocation criteria for AFUL and ASL charges
  • Calculating rental charges
  • Document used to modify land parcels
  • Joint ownership plans


Legal audits for buildings (with or without plans).

  • Amicable demarcation of property boundaries
  • Existing easements (private and public rights) or creating easements for architectural projects and land divisions
  • Analysing the acquisitive prescription and searching for proof
  • Legal nature of partition walls
  • Calculating surface areas for existing and planned buildings (e.g. floor, useful and habitable surface areas and annexes, permits, licences, annual rental tax, property tax, CARREZ, GLA and IPMS) or for a property (construction areas, open spaces on the ground or not, etc.)
  • Uses and destinations of premises within the meaning of the French Building and Housing Code, and the French Town Planning Code
  • Pre-sale and leasing real estate diagnostics (termite reports, lead exposure risk assessments, asbestos assessments, energy performance diagnostics, interior electrical installation reports, interior gas installation reports, etc.)
  • Table of land parcels (renewed and current Napoleonic cadastral plans) with or without a graphic overlay plan
  • List of land parcels for declarations of public utility
  • Compliance checks for building standards (parking, etc.)
  • Checks and controls on the deformation of structures


Town planning applications for the sale of real estate, sale of businesses and placing buildings under co-ownership. Use our secure website to place your orders, track progress in real time and download your documents.

  • Town planning information notice
  • Town planning certificate (L.410.1- a and b of the French Town Planning Code)
  • Municipal certificates (alignment, connection to the sanitation network, quarries, risks, etc.)
  • Copy of cadastral entry (model 1)
  • Cadastral maps
  • Site plans
  • L.U., PSMV and PPRI extracts
  • Building data sheets
  • Copies of deeds and their appendices
  • Statement of Natural, Mining and Technological Risks


  • Preliminary declarations of changes of destination (including the application, the certificate of non-opposition and the declaration attesting to the completion and conformity of the work)
  • Change of use (without compensation) applications
  • Building permit applications
  • Study of regulatory constraints, projected prospects and headroom, and residual constructibility (and the town planning certificate – L.410.1.b of the French Town Planning Code)
  • Assistance and advice on all real estate valuation and arbitrage operations.


  • 3D point clouds obtained from a 3D laser scans
  • 3D digital models created using AUTODESK’s REVIT software based on lasergrammetry (RVT and DWG)

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