Cookies Policy

General overview


The SELAS Daniel Legrand website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s browser, which saves information while you browse the Internet and between browsing sessions. SELAS Daniel Legrand uses several types of ‘internal’ cookies i.e. generated by the SELAS Daniel Legrand website as well as ‘third-party’ cookies i.e. generated on our website by third-parties. Cookies allow us to store information while you browse to offer targeted content in relation to the options you click on. They help us understand your behaviour on our website as well as improving your browsing experience. Cookies can only store text; this is always confidential and is usually encrypted. SELAS Daniel Legrand never stores personal data in cookies.

To learn more about cookies, please visit: AllAboutCookies.

Our cookies help us to:

  • offer improved Web functions
  • memorise your settings during and between visits to our website
  • improve the speed and security of our website
  • allow you to share content with social networking sites
  • improve and personalise your experience
  • improve the effectiveness of our marketing approach (i.e. by tracking what works best for our visitors and providing targeted content)

We do NOT use cookies to:

  • collect personal data (unless you give express authorisation)
  • collect sensitive data
  • share personal data with third-parties

Deactivating cookies


You can easily deactivate cookies by changing the settings in your Web browser so that it no longer accepts them. However, this may negatively affect the functioning of certain websites.
Rather than deactivating all the cookies from your Web browser, you can download anti-spyware that automatically removes cookies that are considered ‘invasive’.

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